Monday, April 5, 2010

I've been LACKING on updating my blog...

There are many reasons that keep me from updating my blog as often as I'd like. To name a few:
-We moved at the end of February and are still trying to get settled in. It's tough getting box after box out of storage. I have stuff I forgot I owned. I guess that's what happens when your belonging are in storage for almost a year!
-I work a full time job.
-I can't stand a dirty house or laundry waiting to be done.
-Enjoying the sunshine.
-Potty training Gabe. I must elaborate on this one. I am so impressed with how well Gabe has done potty training. We started on Friday April 2nd and as of 4:30pm on April 5th he has got the peeing part down like a champ. We're still working on the finer details such as pooping and pulling up his pants when he is done. Right now he hops off the potty the second he is done and practically runs out of his underwear. He is so excited that he doesn't stop to pull up his pants first!
Without any further ado -- I'm going to post away! I'll check my folders and make sure I got them all and post the others at a later date.

"Explore" and "So Cool" were created with Tinkerboy by Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs available at Gingerscraps

"Space Cadet" was created with the kit Back From OuterSpace by Statements by Jodi in addition to the coordinating alpha. Both are available at Gingerscraps. The Template pieces are from Polka Dot Plum

"For the Love of Chocolate" was created using PhotoCowGirl's template (Room to Journal) available in a template pack at Gingerscraps. The elements are a mish-mash of other kits...
Orange Flower - So Funky by Designs by Sassy, Leaves - Ritzy LuLu by flutter expressions, Scatter Beads - Sense of Adventure by Happy Scrap Girl, Brown Paper with small circles - Nighty Night by Shabutt's Digi-Scrapz, button, String/Ribbon, striped paper, yellow paper, and blue paper - Country Love by Ramona Scraps, Staples - Serenity by Happy Scrap Girl, & Alpha - Chocolate Kisses by Harmonystar

"Smile" was created with the kit The Earth Laughs in Flowers by Graham Like the Cracker and
Little Black Dress Alpha by Graham Like the Cracker -- both available at Gingerscraps. I also used a
Wave template by Atomic Cupcake

"Everyday" was created using Buckaroo Blues by Teri's Thing-O-My-Gigs available at Gingerscraps

"Peek a Boo" was created with Fort Wilderness by Misty O'Brien Designs. It's available at Gingerscraps

"Forever Loved" and "Gabe at 9 Months" was created with Everday Happenings by Misty O'Brien Designs and Spinky Dink Scraps. It's available for purchase at Gingerscraps

"Last Minute Photo Shoot" and "50 Things on My Bucket List" were created using Dot Dot Dash by Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs available at Gingerscraps.

"Little Man" was created with Little Black Dress by Gingerscraps.'s a girly kit, but it worked well for these pictures! Available for purchase at Gingerscraps.

"Grandma Love" was created with About Our Love by Daybreak Scraps available at Gingerscraps 
"Bubbles" was created with Halloween Town by Miss Erin's Scraps

"Toe Jam", "5 Things to Love About Warm Weather", and "This One's For Me" were created using the Port Au Prince Charity kit
by SongBird Avenue

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